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Controller Series: Enterprise Risk Management (6)Controller Series: Enterprise Risk Management (6)

While several years have passed since the Great Recession, economic and political uncertainty have continued to plague business decision-making. The roles and responsibilities of CPAs and finance professionals, meanwhile, has continued to expand. This course is part of a series of short courses that will explore key economic and regulatory issues that will have a substantial impact on financial and accounting decisions for years to come. 

This one hour course will examine and walk-through key examples of Enterprise Risk Management successes and failures, and the importance of a strong ERM program. Special focus will be given to the role of the financial professional in analyzing and forecasting risk for an organization.

Credits: 1
Estimated Length: 1 hour(s)


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Online Lesson1. Controller Series: Enterprise Risk Management (6) -


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • List descriptives of Enterprise Risk Management

  • Identify example of enterprise risk

  • Identify examples of customer-related risk

  • Recognize potential risks with social media

  • Recognize key examples of failures in ERM

  • Recognize the importance of reviewing best and worst event scenarios and what you should be looking at 

Major Topics:  

  • Examples of enterprise risk

  • Means of identifying risks

  • ERM failures

  • 10 best events/ 10 worst events   

Field of Study:  Business Management & Organization 

Recommended CPE Credit Hours:  1.0 

Course Level: Basic 

Prerequisites:  None 

Designed For: CPAs, industry accounting and finance staff, C-level corporate officers 

Authors:  Matthew X. Ryan, CPA, CFE, MBA           

Publish Date:  04/30/2017

Matthew X. Ryan, CPA, CFE, MBA
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