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Course CatalogCatalog: Integration & Collaboration

Collaborate, Coordinating with others, Virtual Collaboration, Collaborative mindset

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Scratching Your Niche (IC)

Credits: 1
In this 1-hour course, Bill Sheridan will show you step-by-step ways to use powerful social media tools to develop what really matters-- real relationships sharing worthwhile ideas.

The Anticipatory Organization - Accounting and Finance Edition - Version 1.5 (IC)

Cost: $295.00 (USD)
Credits: 5
The most important competency in the business world today – the ability to anticipate future trends and position our organizations to take advantage of them – is a mystery to most of the accounting and finance profession.

Working Together: Four Generations in the Workplace (IC)

Credits: 1
Does it seem like there are more disagreements at work? It might be because you are working with 4 generations in the workplace.

Working Together: Four Personality Styles in the Workplace (IC)

Credits: 1
Do some coworkers drive you crazy the minute you meet them? It might be because you are different personality styles.
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